Company EL-NIZ d.o.o. PIĆAN founded at 1993 as small family business working in industry and particularly in power plants. At begining our activity was mainly contcentrated on installation, commissioning and start-up of low voltage and medium voltage cubicles, power centres and motor control centres.

After entering in a field of bus ducts, in collaboration with world best companies, our focus is complete installation, commissioning and maintanance of isolated phase bus duct (IPB), segregated and non-segregated bus ducts. Aluminium welding, with qualified and experienced welders is our regular scope of erection and modification of bus ducts.

From 1999 to 2001 as joint venture company we manufactured isolated phase bus ducts for international market.

From our Reference list we are particularly proud to succesfully finalized installation and commissioning of three IPB units in KOPSWERKE 2 hydro power plant, 450 MW, Austria with total lenght of about 1000 m, in very limited underground space (9400 A, 24 kV). This power plant in succesful operation for already many years is also presented as turist attraction too.

Our vision is continuous growth in field of bus duct installation and installation supervision, by following new technologies, in particular aluminium welding technology.
EL-NIZ objectives are:
  • have satisfied clients
  • continuous improvement of quality and following agreed time schedules
  • following ISO 9001 norm and managment's QA policy
  • care for the environment protection
  • improvement of relations with suppliers
  • have motivated and satisfied employees

And after more than twenty five years of presence in bus duct field we are very happy to remain in contact with our satisfied clients exchanging experiences and ideas.